TikTok received maximum number of user information requests from India

TikTok received maximum number of user information requests from India

NEW DELHI: India created the maximum number of requests for user information and content removal on short-video platform TikTok from the first half of 2019, ahead of countries like the US and Japan.

According to the provider’s first transparency report, TikTok received 107 total requests (99 legal and 8 emergency) for 143 user accounts between January and June 2019 from India. It added that some information was seen by 47 percent of requests. In addition, 11 government requests were obtained by TikTok for 9 accounts, after which 4 pieces of articles and 8 accounts were eliminated or restricted. After India, the US made 79 total requests in the first half of 2019 (for 255 user accounts), of which 68 were lawful and 11 were emergency requests.

TikTok received six government asks in the usa and total accounts given stood at seven in the stated period. TikTok said like other technology companies, it was sometimes presented with requests from various official bodies, such as government agencies or law enforcement officials.

“These include requests to take down content deemed to be in violation of local laws, or to provide information related to reports under certain specified circumstances, such as to assist in a criminal investigation or emergency petition,” it added. Over the past few years tech giants such as Google, Twitter and Facebook have started bringing transparency reports that share details out on lawful and government requests for user information.

TikTok reported any such request it receives is reviewed for legal sufficiency, to determine whether, by way of instance, the requesting entity is authorised to gather evidence in connection with a law enforcement investigation or to investigate an emergency involving imminent harm. It added that TikTok also reviews content removal requests from authorities closely and evaluates the specified content with regard to its community guidelines and local laws. TikTok, which is owned by China-based ByteDance, is very popular with youngsters in India.

Where it has 200 million users, it has had its share of troubles in the market. Last year, the Madras High Court had directed the Centre to ban TikTok app, stating it had been evident from media reports that porn and improper content were made available through such mobile apps. The order was lifted and the program was back on program stores. Afterwards, the Indian government issued notices to TikTok (and group company, Helo) along with a set of 24 questions concerning the alleged misuse of their platforms for”anti-national activities” in India. The company had responded to the notice.

Tech companies are frequently presented with requests from governments or law enforcement officials asking for actions. TikTok claims that these requests to take down content deemed to be in violation of local laws or to provide information related to accounts under certain specified circumstances, such as to”aid in a criminal investigation” or emergency petition.

TikTok report does not list any request made by the Chinese government. The platform is owned by Beijing-based parent company ByteDance, which says that TikTok doesn’t operate in Chinaand isn’t obliged to censor content on the Chinese government’s request.

TikTok says it will frequently release such transparency reports . It also informed that a report should be out in the coming months.

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