Crorepati ATM thieves held

Crorepati ATM thieves held

City authorities have recovered Rs 2.5 crore out of the Rs 4.07 crore stolen by employees of SIS Cash Management System Agency, a cash management company to replenish ATMs, between December 5 and 14. The recovery of cash took place from New Delhi and Patna. Three SIS employees also have been arrested.

The breakthrough came after a team of city police headed by Sadar DSP Deepak Pandey swung into action after an FIR filed in this connection at Sadar police station by assistant director of SIS, Kanchan Ojha, on December 18.

Ojha’s suspicions had been awakened after he noticed that four employees, who had been assigned to refill money at 15 ATMs of the State Bank of India and five ATMs of the Union Bank of India throughout the capital between December 5 to 14, did not turn up for work on December 15. Probe revealed their cell phones were switched off and they weren’t present at their local addresses.

Ojha ordered an audit of the ATMs to discover the large theft of Rs 4.07 crore.

“The detained trio are being interrogated. We will let you know the details later,” the officer-in-charge kept it short. Another police official, however, shared some more info but requested anonymity.

He with the support of his two aides in the agency (SIS), instead of filling cash in the ATMs, kept it with him and submitted fudged reports to his office.

“On interrogation, Bipin spilled the beans about two of his aides who then were arrested from Patna on exactly the exact same day (Monday) and Rs 50 lakh was recovered from these two,” the official said. Ranchi City SP Saurabh Kumar said:”The employees had their jobs in the agency (SIS) by procuring fake Aadhaar cards, and police had problems in locating their whereabouts.”

A police official, requesting anonymity, echoed the SP. He had produced an Aadhaar card. It is still being verified whether he is Bipin Kumar or Ganesh Thakur.”

Phone snatcher

Ranchi police on Wednesday detained a resident of Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, Md Faizan Khan, while he was trying to escape on a scooter with his friend Mogli a.k.a Chhotu, a resident of Bargain here, after snatching a mobile phone from a woman at Chiroundi. Seven telephones were found on Khan.

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