Blending and asymmetry

Blending and asymmetry

Rishabh Sarpal, Concept Architect & Founder of Rishabh Sarpal Atelier I ended a drawing-room in a Faridabad house in September. The home had a whole lot of natural light that could be utilized to make the area more inviting and attractive for the residents in addition to the guests. It was a luxurious project, and the customer wanted a seating space. It had to seem aesthetically but not compromise on the openness of the space.

The project took one year. I did the drawing room area in beige and blue. 1 wall was made using backlit Onyx Marble because its nature is translucent. Although the marble was installed using dry clamping in the roof, a wooden veneer panel has been used on all four sides to create a frame-like structure.

Like the marble is rested in the veneer panel, it looks but it’s not. And the beige-coloured marble has blue lines inside. I have designed the brass lights, which have been set up asymmetrically on the beige POP wall. I find asymmetrical designs pleasing to the eye. 5-6 inches beyond the wall have extended the wall portion, to provide an look to the lights. The roof adorns laquer glass in cappuccino colour. It has been put to give a contrast. The ripped glass-and-brass chandelier (that has three rings placed inside each other asymmetrically) that is suspended with the help of metal strings, looks simple. Beige and greys create space for more colours in the layout, so I’ve used blue as an accent color in couches and floral prints to give a character to the complete look.

The chandelier and furniture have been imported from Louvre Furniture Theater in China. The brass and stainless steel PVD coated sheet walls can be closed to provide the space an open appearance and can be rotated for solitude. A portion of the partition wall was made using dark tiles from Laminam. In the wall, an electric fireplace by Baroque was set up. The fans are by Baroque. I like to combine a bit of quirkiness while keeping the spaces visually comfortable and pleasing. My core focus is on luxury and technology-driven homes. That’s how the whole house was automated using Schneider Electric system. Everything could be operated using smartphones or tabs. Be it the lights, air-conditioners, fans, geysers and any other daily- use equipment.

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