Will Scott Disick Be The Next ‘Bachelor’? Would You Tune In?


Will Scott Disick be the next Bachelor? That’s one of the many rumors that have been circulating around the self-proclaimed Lord Disick over the past few days. The answer? No, not exactly. However, that doesn’t mean that the public will be denied the opportunity to witness Scott to use his unique sense of charm on a group of love struck women. Scott recently met with Kris Jenner to help land him his own Bachelor-type show, Hollywood Life reports.

“Scott and Kris had lunch yesterday to talk about his spin-off show. He wants to do his own versions of The Bachelor, with a lot more sex. Kris spent most of the lunch talking him off the ledge and reassuring him that he’s still part of the family, but she’s totally on board with him having his own show. She knows it will be a money maker,” a source tells Hollywood Life.

According to the report, Scott Disick has wanted to land his own dating show since he split from longtime girlfriend, Kourtney Kardashian, but he allowed their reconciliation to put off his dreams. Since Scott and Kourtney Kardashian’s relationship seems to finally be over for good, Scott is reportedly looking to capitalize on his singleness.

“Kourtney pretty much lied to him and told him things with Younes were done, so he was completely caught off guard when he found out she was going away with him again. Scott’s looking for a way to get back at her so he’s back on board with having his own show,” the insider added.

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If true, it makes sense that Scott Disick would be vying to land his own version of The Bachelor, instead of trying to hop over to ABC’s show, which has a much different vibe than anything he’s done. Not to mention, there would probably be a conflict of interest as he’s currently employed by E! as a regular on the Kardashian’s multiple reality shows. So, while the entire nation awaits to see who will actually become the next Bachelor, we can at least cross Scott Disick off of the list.

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What do you think about Scott Disick shopping around his own version of The Bachelor? Would you tune in? You can add your thoughts to the comment section below.

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