Was Kanye West’s Mental Breakdown Caused By Drug and Alcohol Abuse | Kanye West | Music


Kanye West was forced to cancel his Saint Pablo tour after he was hospitalized for an emotional breakdown in November 2016.

Ye has since filed a lawsuit against the tour’s insurance company for failing to compensate him for the shows he because of his hospitalization.

According to Radar Online, Lloyd’s of London, the insurance company in question, claims Yeezy’s hospitalization was a result of his possession of illegal drugs and alcohol consumption therefore forfeiting a clause in his insurance policy.

Lloyd’s of London also claimed Kanye’s Very Good Touring, “delayed, hindered, stalled and refused to provide information to complete their investigation”  that would ultimately determine if Ye was entitled to coverage following his hospitalization.

Contrary to the claims made by Lloyd’s of London, Kanye West cited his struggle with mental illness and revealed that his behavior prior to being hospitalized was “strained, confused and erratic.”

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