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The 35-year-old professional brain box, better known as The Vixen, appeared to clash with host Ranvir Singh during an interview about the new family edition of The Chase.

Ranvir, 40, was heard telling viewers: “I’m a bit on edge today because we’ve got The Vixen on the sofa and if you watch the show you’ll know this face.”

The camera then cut to Jenny who was beaming with a wide smile, leading Ranvir to say jokingly: “Not the smiling face. Don’t smile! You’re not allowed  to!”

Jenny’s face immediately dropped into a frown as the ITV presenter told her: “You’re supposed to look menacing as you do on that programme!”

Luckily, the scenes were in good humour as Jenny spoke about not getting recognised in her day-to-day life: “I’m quite lucky, my colleagues can’t go anywhere without getting recognised. Paul has just done his Edinburgh show and we went on to the bar. 

“All the guys were chatting to him and they didn’t recognise me whatsoever.”

Speaking about being one of the chasers, she described her job as an “absolute privilege”.

“I completely destroy people’s dreams of going to Las Vegas,” she quipped to hosts Ranvir and Richard Madeley.  

Richard, 61, admitted that the few times he had been on quiz shows during his career he had suffered “brain fade”. 

He explained that questions he could answer quite easily while sitting at home would leave him flummoxed and cause him to break out into a cold sweat when put on the spot on a show.

Speaking about her own “brain fade”, Jenny said: “Occasionally, sometimes it’s fatigue. I think my first-ever quiz show I did was University Challenge. I remember going in the Granada Studios. I just focused on the quiz.”

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays on ITV at 6am.

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