Saturday Kitchen fans TURN on host as she ‘kills’ show with THIS annoying habit | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV


The 38-year-old TV chef came under fire for her presenting skills on the BBC cooking programme after viewers couldn’t help but notice her affinity for one particular adjective.

Ching didn’t seem to be able to stop herself using the word “amazing” for everything that the guest chefs served up, repeatedly praising Michelin-starred Tommy Banks, 26, with the compliment during the first five minutes of the show.

When it came to dishing up and finding an accompanying wine, she also deemed the pairing “amazing”, and it wasn’t long before viewers took to social media to voice their frustration at the habit.

“If I hear the word amazing once more I think I will scream,” said one, while another sarcastic Twitter user blasted: “Let me guess the wine is amazing!”

A third commented: “#SaturdayKitchen producers: dock Ching £5 every time she says ‘amazing’, she’ll end up owing you money!”

“Please remind Ching through her earpiece there are adjectives other than ‘amazing’,” another added.

Even loyal fans of Saturday Kitchen appeared to have a tough time with the presenting style today, with one tweeting: “I normally like watching #SaturdayKitchen but over use of the word ‘amazing’ has killed it for me today.”

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