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The 46-year-old presenter told his BBC audience that he “went next door” to burn 57-year-old ’s ITV set to the ground.

In jest, Richard joked that he had stored the contents of the studio in a replica Ashes cricket cup.

Introducing his co-host, Alexander Armstrong said: “That just leaves one more person for me to introduce. As obscure as a Shakin’ Stevens B-side and looks just as good in double denim, it’s my Pointless friend, it’s Richard.”

Richard then noted his array of unusual props that adorned the desk, saying: “Hi, evening everybody. Good evening to you. This is a bit unusual, isn’t it? I do sometimes have props. I think I might have too many props for once. I’ve got some lemon drizzle cake there.

“I’ve got strawberry and chocolate cake there. Sounds nice. It’s quite nice, isn’t it? We’ve got to do a show unfortunately, but it’s quite nice. I’ve got a cricket bat which I’ll be raising anytime someone scores a hundred.”

He then jibed at his rival , adding: “I’ve even got my own ashes which is… I went next door and burned down The Chase studio and that’s all in there.

Bradley and Richard previously clashed over their quiz rivalry on Holly Willoughby’s Play To The Whistle show, on which Bradley is a team captain.

Richard claimed that he had never watched an episode of The Chase and revealed that Bradley visits the Pointless studio during recordings.

Bradley said: “Funnily enough, Rich and I record our shows in the studios next to each other and I normally, during my breaks, go in and walk onto his set and sit in Rich’s chair!”

Richard then poked back: “Yes, he does, god bless Bradley. You see he doesn’t have an audience on his show. They advertise but nobody ever turns up!

“So Bradley gets very lonely and he comes into my studio and disrupts our schedule, all of the time.”

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