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Kia is lined up to reveal a brand-new concept car the the Frankfurt Motor Show next month. 

The new vehicle has been developed in the company’s European design centre, some 500 metres away from where it will be unveiled. 

It is believed that the concept, that will go on display, could be the next generation cee’d or at least something that will inform the design and staying of the next cee’d. 

Kia concept cars may not be something that gets you excited but they probably should. 

The last Kia concept revealed was a luxury saloon that was the fastest vehicle in the company’s history. 

It represented a dramatic switch in how the South Korean manufacturer approaches car design and played down the ground-work for future models. 

This latest shooting brake concept, which Kia described as an ‘extended hot hatch’, looks even more lovely than the stinger and has an athletic appearance despite its emphasised size. 

The striking four-door concept comes with deep side curves and sills, flared out front and rear fenders and a swooping roofline which leads to the rear. 

One of the most notable features of the new car is the rear strip light which look like it came fresh off the and those monstrous black alloys. 

Hopefully this car will deliver on the looks teased in this picture and pack the car full of useable tech and power. 

This would make it a generally desirable car and one you’d want to see yourself pictured in.  

The Kia concept car reveal will take place on 12th September 2017.

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