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It has been two years since the shook the auto industry.

Volkswagen had quietly fitted a device on 11 million of its vehicles to cheat on obligatory emissions tests.

The device automatically activated whenever the car was being evaluated, but switched-off during day-to-day drives. 

In the UK, some 1.2 million diesel vehicles were affected including 508,276 Volkswagen cars, 393,450 Audis, 131,569 Skodas, 79,838 VW commercial vehicles and 76,773 Seats.

As a response to the scandal, a new test has been devised to prevent emissions tests from being cheated. 

These tests will commence on Friday and will affect both new petrol and diesel cars sold in Britain. 

From 2020, these tests will become even stricter to prevent manufacturers from cheating clean-air regulations. 

Under the rules of the new tests, two-thirds of the emissions will need to be slashed to help improve air pollution across the UK. 

Last year, an enquiry revealed Euro 6 diesel cars were emitting up to six times the claimed nitrogen oxides emissions when on the road.

There was a stark difference between the results found in the labs, compared to those recorded out on the road.

The new UK tests are designed to eliminate this disparity.

If vehicles do not pass the tests they cannot be sold in Britain. 

Transport Minister Paul Maynard said: “We are taking strong action to clean up our air and these tough new standards will reduce dangerous pollutants.

“This government has led the way in Europe, pushing for on-road emissions tests, alongside a tough new laboratory test, to clean up air in our towns and cities.

“This will ensure all vehicles meet rigorous standards when driven on our roads – and we are going even further, tightening requirements again in 2020.”

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