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Host Ranvir Singh was heard referring to one politician as a remain supporter, only to be corrected by another guest, who pointed out her error.

Ranvir was heard referring to South East England MEP Daniel Hannan as a “remainer” before Chuka Umunna quipped: “I don’t think that he’s a remainer,” with a smile.

The presenter looked slightly embarrassed as she continued with the interview in which her co-star Eamonn Holmes clashed with the Labour politician over whether Britain should be forced to pay a large sum the European Union (EU).

Meanwhile, MEP Hannan seemed to give a little smile at the faux pas as he said that Britain should not have to pay an unknown figure. 

MP for Streatham Chuka said that he was willing to pay any subscriptions to remain “part of the club” even after Brexit. 

“It’s a negotiation. If you get divorced you have to work out how to share the spoils. You have to pay a bit of a subscription,” he explained. 

He added that he hoped he would not have to deal with divorce himself, joking: “I hope it’s never going to affect me.”

However, host Holmes was left unimpressed as he asked the Labour politician: “Why? Divorce means divorce.”

The veteran broadcaster went on to say: “It makes sense not to pay the divorce bill.” 

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