Eamonn Holmes fears for Ruth Langsford ahead of Strictly Come Dancing: ‘I’m concerned’ | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV


The 57-year-old This Morning host did not hold back as he appeared to rubbish his wife’s fitness during today’s show as they ran back from the roof of the ITV building back to the studios.

Ruth, also 57, was seen breathless as she made a dash back to the studio sofa as she panted while reading a link about what was coming up on the programme.

“That’s quite a rush back up those stairs to the studio! But we’ve made it! So let’s for you today!” Ruth said, looking slightly flushed.

But Eamonn was not too impressed as she caught her breath, saying: “I have a concern, you’ve only come up 20, 30 yards and you’re already out of breath.”

“I’m not out of breath,” Ruth hit back at her spouse. But he was not convinced as she told her: “You’re completely out of breath. You could’t even read that link.”

He continued: “How do you expect to enter a professional dance competition?” 

Ruth batted away his worries and told him simply: “They’re going to train me.”

Eamonn proceeded to grill her about her fitness levels and school and whether she had taken part in P.E. lessons. 

However, Ruth seemed to accept his challenge and told him confidently: “You wait, I’m going to be so fit!”

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