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Destiny 2 beta on PC - End time, Farm release timeACTIVISION

Destiny 2 beta on PC – End time, Farm release time and possible extension for Guardians

UPDATE THREE: Destiny 2 beta players on PC got to test out The Farm overnight.

The Farm was opened for two hours, with it opening its doors at 1am BST.

While there were no vendors in sight, Guardians were left blown away by the scale and and look of it.

One Destiny 2 fan posted on Twitter: “The Farm in Destiny 2 is just beautiful. The scenery. THE MUSIC. 

“I may not always be in the directory, but this game is still a home to me.”

While another added: “It really is beautiful ^_^ The Farm in Destiny 2.”

And one posted: “First time visiting the farm and I’m VERY happy w/ the aura it gives off, even without NPC’s. Even more excited for Destiny 2!” 

UPDATE TWO: The Destiny 2 beta on PC is scheduled to end TODAY.

Bungie and Activsion haven’t given an end time yet, but if it ends the same time it started – then it’ll finish at 6pm BST.

However, there is a good chance the beta could get extended beyond today. will bring you all the latest on the Destiny 2 PC beta as and when it emerges today.

UPDATE ONE: Destiny 2 fans enjoying the PC beta have been teased with an announcement tomorrow that may coincide with when the beta period ends.

The Destiny 2 PC open beta began on 6pm BST yesterday, which is 10am PT. 

If the Destiny 2 beta finishes at the same time it started, then that’s when Guardians will have to lock away their weapons until the PC release date in October.

And now fans have been teased with a new announcement, that could drop at the same time the Destiny 2 PC beta ends.

On the official Destiny Twitter, they teased what could be the teaser for a live action Destiny 2 short.

The tweet said: “Tomorrow. 10AM PT. It’s time to bring out the big guns.”

Alongside it was a short clip, which some fans thought looked shot with real actors.

One fan tweeted: “Live action trailer finally?!” 

ORIGINAL:  2 fans have been playing the open beta on PC since Tuesday – and they will get to hang out in The Farm before the beta period is scheduled to end tomorrow.

The Farm, Destiny 2’s social space, replaces The Tower from the original Destiny as the social space for Guardians.

And PC fans will get a surprise boost over PS4 and Xbox One gamers after facing a longer wait to jump into the Destiny 2 beta.

Whereas console gamers only had one hour to try out The Farm, Destiny 2 beta players on the PC will have two hours to wander around it.

Early access to the Destiny 2 beta on PC began on Monday, with the closed beta beginning then.

If you don’t want to miss a second of the action, then it’s worth pre-loading the PC beta right now.

To pre-load the PC beta, fans must sign up for a compulsory account from the Destiny website.

You can click through the below gallery to find out what is included in the Destiny 2 beta on PC. have rounded up all the big questions surrounding the end of the Destiny 2 PC beta – including when the Farm will go live, when the beta will end and will the beta get extended.


The Destiny 2 open beta on PC is scheduled to end on Thursday August 31.

Bungie and Activision have not given an official Destiny 2 beta end time for PC gamers.

However, if it was ending at the same time that it began – then that would indicate an end time of 6pm BST, 1pm EST, and 10am PT.

When the Destiny 2 beta end time is officially revealed, we will update this piece. 

However, fans will be hoping that Bungie and Activision continue their trend of extending the times for Destiny beta periods.

Destiny 2 PC beta - Guide to the controlsACTIVISION

Destiny 2 PC beta – Bungie created this guide to the controls for PC gamers


Destiny 2 PC beta players will get a chance to try out the game’s big social space, The Farm. 

The Farm has a release time in the Destiny 2 beta on 8pm EST and 5pm PT on August 30.

For Guardians in the UK, it will open at 1am BST on August 31.

Whereas PS4 and Xbox One players only had one hour to try out The Farm, Destiny 2 PC fans will get two hours to take in The Farm’s sights and sounds.

Bungie revealed the news on Twitter on Tuesday. They tweeted: “Tomorrow from 5 PM to 7 PM Pacific, the Farm will be open to players in the PC Beta. 

“Come take in the scenery. The Vendors have the day off.” 


The Destiny 2 open beta on PC is meant to end on Thursday August 31.

But Bungie and Activision have a track record of extending Destiny beta periods, and fans will be hoping they do the same again.

With the original Destiny beta, the end time was extended. And with the Destiny 2 beta on PS4 and Xbox One it was extended by TWO days.

Bungie and Activision have remained tight-lipped so far over whether the Destiny 2 beta on the PC will get a similar end date and time boost.

But there is plenty of reasons to hope the Destiny 2 beta on the PC could extended also.

Destiny 2 beta was released on PC this weekACTIVISION

Destiny 2 beta was released on PC this week, and fans will be hoping for an extension


• Opening story mission, Homecoming

• Two Crucible modes, Countdown (new to Destiny 2, attack and defend based) and Control (classic zone control)

• Two Crucible maps, Midtown (Countdown only) and Endless Vale (Control only)

• Co-operative Strike, The Inverted Spire

• New sub-classes, Warlock (Dawnblade and Voidwalker), Hunter (Arcstrider and Gunslinger) and Titan (Sentinel and Striker)

• Weapons and Armour to unlock – 20 weapons and 45 armour pieces specifically – including • Exotics Sweet Business, Sunshot and Riskrunner

• Social Space, The Farm (for one hour only on July 23 at 6pm UK time / 10am PST)

• Four emotes, for dancing, waving, sitting and pointing

• New emblem to unlock in the full game if you play the beta

And here are the specs you need to run Destiny 2 on the PC…

Recommended spec:

CPU: Intel – Core i5-2400 / AMD – Ryzen R5 1600X

GPU: Nvidia – GeForce GTX 970 / AMD – Radeon R9 390


Minimum spec:

CPU: Intel – Core i3-3250 / AMD – FX-4350

GPU: Nvidia – GeForce GTX 660 2GB / AMD – Radeon HD 7850 2GB


In a blog post, Bungie also explained that the Destiny 2 beta on PC has customisable key-mappings to suit gamers’ play-styles.

They added: “In the PC Beta, you will also have text chat available for sending tactical callouts and witty banter to other players in your Fireteam(/f). 

“You can even whisper(/w) “why does Kyle keeping falling off the edge” or “hey, come run Inverted Spire with me!” to someone on your friends list. There are multiple text chat visual modes you can cycle through(T). 

“After beta, but in time for launch, we plan on adding a Team channel (similar to team voice chat) and the ability to whisper to Clan members.”

Destiny 2 has a release date on PC of October 24. On PS4 and Xbox One it will come out on September 6.

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