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When it was revealed that Andy (played by Oliver Farnworth) was actually alive and (somewhat) well and being kept hostage in a dark basement by Pat (Connor McIntyre), viewers were instantly reminded of an earlier scene that saw him apparently “haunted” by the younger character’s ghost. 

While that sticking point hasn’t been explained, another jarring plot hole getting viewers riled up has now been addressed by the ITV soap. 

As fans puzzled over where the chained-up hostage had been going to the toilet, given his harsh and restricting conditions, they took to Twitter to share their bewilderment. 

“@itvcorrie how does Andy go to the loo? He is chained up for months,” one fan asked.

Another fan couldn’t understand how passersby wouldn’t realise that something was wrong, saying: “#corrie so cannot see any toilet for Andy to use…must be a bit smelly. Think neighbours would start to notice…”

Just a thought…has Andy had a shower in the past nine months? And does he have a toilet? That’s two thoughts #corrie,” a third wondered.

But in the midst of the confusion, Coronation Street bosses decided to release a behind-the-scenes video of Andy’s living quarters, which confirmed that while the troubled psychopath has been torturing his victim, he was kind enough to provide him with a toilet, a sink and a washing machine. 

Despite the relief fans will feel at knowing Pat’s given Andy basic human facilities, last night’s episode proves the character is far from safe. 

After a conversation with his daughter Nicola Rubinstein (Nicola Thorpe) telling him he was a “good man” and made of “true grit” – that was then echoed by Andy – something switched in the conman and he started digging an ominous hole outside next to the secret room. 

Could this be the start of Pat’s plan to finally get rid of his lingering past for good and kill Andy, or does he have something else in mind?

Coronation Street continues Sunday at 7pm on ITV.

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