Celebs Make Snapchat Scary and Lit This Halloween | The Last Ones | BET | The Last Ones BET TV Series | Jacquees


Thanks to BET each Friday beginning September 1 celebs will take to Snapchat to share some of their scariest stories during the Halloween season. This could include movies that made them wet the bed, their first time seeing the Freddie Krueger films and everything in between. The first victim will be Cash Money/Rich Gang recording artist and Decatur, GA native Jacquees.  

This stunt kicks off the network’s launch of its latest original digital series, The Last Ones set to premiere in October. The series follows four urban young adults who are stuck on the side of the road on a very dark night. To pass the time they tell ghost stories until an eerie stranger appears to offer the help.

Be sure to head over to BET’s Snapchat beginning at 4p EST on Friday, September 1 to see Jacquees’ scary story. Until then check out the young singer talk about his hood in the #BLX clip above.

(Photo: Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

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