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The Girls Aloud singer first clashed with Jordan, 25, after saying she couldn’t keep up with him “bouncing off the walls all the f**king time”. 

Adding that she feels left out, Sarah explained to the Ibiza Weekender star: “Me, [Chad] and Trisha call ourselves ‘The Inbetweeners’. We were in the 30s category and we’re used to being alone.”

However, the chat clearly hit a nerve with Jordan, who recounted the story to Jemma in a series of furious whispers. 

He said: “She goes, ‘We’re always feeling secluded and not involved. You and Sam’s high energy makes me feel secluded.’

“She was saying, ‘You’re secluding Chad’. She was using my positivity as a weapon against me. 

“I was thinking, ‘You don’t know what s**t I’ve been through’… Just because I’m positive 24/7. I’ve had s**t with my family and school,” he angrily recalled. 

However, when he turned to confront the 35-year-old popstar about her comments, Jemma became involved and things became heated. 

Sarah fought back: “Why are you ganging up on me?”, whilst Jemma snapped back: “There’s people s**t stirring!”

Although Jordan walked away from the argument, the 28-year-old swiped at Sarah: “You’re so f**king negative.”

The Promise hitmaker shocked when she responded: “Why you diving in like a f**king c**t?”

However, the clash was too much for Sarah, who sobbed in the Diary Room: “I can’t take much more of this. It’s really not fair. I didn’t want to come on here for this. 

“They just feel because I have a fan base they feel threatened and that’s the story of my life – and they have no reason to be threatened.

“Why am I doing this? Is it really worth breaking me down again?” Sarah cried. 

Now, Sarah is up for eviction after being nominated alongside Chad Johnson, Karthik Nagesan and Trisha Paytas.

Celebrity Big Brother airs nightly on Channel 5. 

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