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After previously stating that she would not talk about her rumoured rift with Cheryl and other bandmates in the Borehamwood bungalow, it seems the singer has changed her mind amid a feud with Ex on the Beach star Jemma Lucy and Paul Danan, which led to her sobbing in the diary room. 

Now, in a chat about tattoos with US Bachelorette contestant Chad on the Channel 5 series, she claimed that one of the group in particular gave her “strength” during her tumultuous days at the height of the band’s popularity. 

The ink on her left forearm reminds the blonde of the gruelling schedule they had to endure, stating: “It reminds me to have strength, I got it when we were half way through our tour rehearsals, because I’m not the strongest of the dancers. 

“I wasn’t as dance trained as three of the other girls, two of us were more singers than dancers so I used to do extra time with my routines. Tour rehearsals for me were so tough. I used to have a mini meltdown at some point during every four weeks,” she explained.

Sarah then admitted that the other band members didn’t cope very well with her difficulties, saying: “Everyone would be dreading, like, ‘Oh god here we come, Sarah’s going to have a little meltdown when she can’t pick up the routine’.”

The reveal comes two days after Sarah, 35, finally revealed the truth about her relationship with her bandmates, confessing that she rarely sees or hears from them.

“It’s so hard to catch up with any of them, really. Everyone has got their own thing going on. Three of them have got families now… I haven’t seen or heard from one of them for forever. I don’t know where she’s gone,” she told Most Haunted alum Derek Acorah. 

While the star has been able to confide in the housemates that are in a similar age group as her, Sarah has had furious arguments with many of the younger ones. 

After one horrific argument with Jordan Davies, she rushed to the diary room to admit that she couldn’t take much more of the fighting. 

She cried: “I can’t take much more of this. It’s really not fair. I didn’t want to come on here for this. They just feel because I have a fan base they feel threatened and that’s the story of my life – and they have no reason to be threatened. Why am I doing this? Is it really worth breaking me down again?”

Sarah faces eviction after being nominated alongside Chad, Karthik Nagesan and Trisha Paytas.

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm on Channel 5.

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