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And it didn’t take long for Peter to send the show into chaos as he knocked the first item he inspected onto the floor. 

The former presenter panicked Natasha when she picked up a ceramic dish with five white eggs placed carefully on top and he whacked one of them out of place. 

Peter could be heard shouting “Oh no!” as he quickly scrambled to catch the delicate item. 

Unfortunately for Natasha he continued to leave both her and the owner of the antiques shop on edge as he proceeded to pick up the eggs and juggle with them. 

He could be seen laughing as he threw three of the balls into the air before he dropped one of them on the floor. 

The dealer was heard screaming in shock in the background while Natasha looked away in annoyance. 

Peter and Natasha decided not to purchase the obscure item after the embarrassing mishap but went on to buy an ivory envelope opener. 

The instalment saw both teams make a loss with Peter losing £121.21 leaving him with just £278.80. 

Meanwhile, his competitor Sarah won the episode by making a slightly smaller loss of £11.12, taking home £288.88. 

Antiques Road Trip returns on Monday on Two at 7pm. 

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