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Historians and friends Suzannah and Kate Williams were excited about their appearance on the BBC show, but didn’t bank on anything testing their friendship. 

However after a successful first day shopping for antiques in their respective pairs – Kate was partnered with expert Catherine Southon – the second day of antique-hunting got off to a turbulent start when Suzannah couldn’t start her car. 

As Suzannah and David realised the car had “conked out” – in the words of narrator Tim Wonnacott – the blonde’s expert began giving orders to Catherine and Kate while he sat comfortably in the passenger seat.

“You push as hard as you can for about half a mile,” he joked, as Suzannah quipped to the group: “David’s such a gentleman isn’t he?”

Eventually deciding that the car wasn’t going anywhere without his assistance, David jumped out and began pushing as well.

“That’s more like it!” He exclaimed.

But when the car lost power once more, the exasperated Kate and Catherine decided they’d had enough and wanted to get on with searching for items to sell at auction.

After teasing David that he and Suzannah hadn’t gotten very far, Catherine asked: “Would you like us to tow you?” But the historian seemed genuinely angry with her competitors for mocking them, as she snapped: “That would be great thanks yeah,” before adding in shock: “They are actually leaving!”

The episode eventually got going again and Suzannah and David managed to catch up with their opponents.

The 16th Century Historian couldn’t resist making another dig at the other pair however, as she griped to David: “I feel a particular sense of…revenge is the word I think I’m looking for, given that they abandoned us in our car.”

Antiques Road Trip continues tomorrow at 7pm on BBC2.

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